Membership options

Free access for the consumer. For local mom and pop businesses please read below.

Best Value: Package deal, for 269.00 you will get A,B,C,D below. One time payment good for 5 years.

A. Premium listings

B. Keystone Deals

C. Leader board banner

D. We manage your account: We will manage all of your membership options. We will update your account from a phone call or email. 

For this service please contact us via email at or simply call 814-799-0444 and leave your contact information.

Note: Our website has a content management system installed. You can manage all of the above options (listings) from any device.

Note: You can purchase extra banners and Keystone Deals. 

Note: You must first create an account to purchase membership options. Send us an email to we will create the account and set everything up for you.



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